Food & Sleep

Three Mongolian yurts are embedded in a fantastic natural scenery on the lake for you.
There is also a community cabin and a fire place outside, for sociable hours and where we also prepare the food.
Breakfast is provided in the cabin.
At noon we eat on the tours on the way. This can be in wild huts or in the great outside.
In the evening we cook at the campfire in the open air and in bad weather in the community cabin on the wood stove.
The food is based on old traditions. It is only high quality food from the environment, but also very much used directly from nature.

Mongolian yurt

The yurt has thousands of years of tradition among the Mongolian nomads.
We use original yurts from Mongolia, where they are traditionally made by local craftsmen.
A very cozy dwelling.
Our yurts are 26 m2 big, have a wooden floor and are equipped with comfortable beds, a few pieces of furniture and an oven.
Bed linen is provided.

Indian tepee

The tepees are not offered at the moment!

Our tepees are made according to the traditional model of the Plains Indians (Sioux) in Europe and have the size of 28 m2.
For a comfortable living, they are equipped with Lining and Ozan.
The floor is made of wood, the beds are comfortable and with bed linen.
As tradition requires, there is a fireplace and an altar in the tepee.


The sauna is heated daily in cooperation with the group.
The traditional sauna is not only a place of relaxation, but as in ancient times the bathroom.
The kettle in the sauna is filled with water from the lake and heated like the sauna stove with wood fire. Thus, warm water is available for washing.
Towels are available.

We use composting toilets.



Breakfast and dinner are served in our cabin, 100 meters from the yurts.
We cook in and around the wood stove.
In addition to traditional Finnish cuisine, many specialties from nature are also served. In doing so, we attach great importance to high-quality natural foods from the immediate vicinity.

In winter, accommodation is only possible in the yurts.
There are three yurts for two persons each.

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