Your Experience

You are in a small group of a maximum of six people.

You live in a cozy Mongolian yurt with a wood stove.

You heat up the stove in the yurt by yourself.

We cook together around the campfire with treats that nature gives us during this time. Should the weather god not be well-intentioned, we make ourselves comfortable in our hut.

On foot or by canoe we move in the wonderful nature and show you the most beautiful and most powerful places. We take with what nature may give us, such as berries, mushrooms, plants and medicinal herbs.

You are welcome to relax in our earth sauna, which is also used for body care.

Our little idyll lies on the shore of the lake Iso Särkijärvi, which invites you to swim, fish and boat at any time.




How does Arctic winter feel in the midst of Finland's nature?

Experience a fantastic winter landscape in a nature-loving way.
Accommodation in a yurt and activities with traditional nordic ski touring or snowshoes.

You heat your yurt yourself.
The Mongolian yurt is very easy to heat with wood and is comfortably warm after about 15 minutes.
On very cold nights, it can cool down until morning. As can also be achieved minus degrees.
Do not worry, our warm blankets will protect you from the cold.

In co-operation with the group the ice hole is prepared daily and the sauna is heated, which, as tradition dictates, is also used as a bathroom.
The kettle is filled with water from the lake and also heated like the heater with wood fire. Thus, warm water is available for washing.

We move with touring skis or snowshoes through the magical Arctic winter landscape.
The traditional birchwood touring skis are also very suitable for beginners. A good basic condition is advantageous.

The week includes 5 day tours to the most beautiful spots in the area.
During the day trips, the packed lunch or simple lunch in the great outside or in a Kota (wilderness hut) are taken.

After the tour, you can enjoy the traditional sauna and cool off in the ice hole on the lake in between.
Fishing enthusiasts can try their luck at ice fishing.
Now the dinner is ready for you in our cosy hut.

On clear nights, you may be lucky enough to admire mystical Northern Lights.

Pure nature + always outside = inspires the senses, even the sixth